Find Out Why This New Winter Jacket Is Changing How People Dress for Winter…

03/10/2023 | by Daniel Jefferson

SUMMARY: A startup straight out of the frozen north of Sweden has created a revolutionary vest jacket that is sweeping Europeans off their feet and over to their phones and computers to order one. Or three. Winter is coming, but with this new heated jacket, it seems this one is going to be nice, warm and cozy.  You can now get Your WinterSecret Pro 50% off and with Free Delivery. 

Are you tired of having to wear three different layers of jackets and coats just to stay warm? Do you hate getting the common cold because your jacket couldn’t warm up a rat, on fire? Do you like it when clothes are both fashionable and functional? Well this winter your wishes are coming true with this new heated vest.

You put on your shirt, a sweater, a jacket and then your coat on top of it. You’re even wearing tights under you pants. You’re going to kick the winter’s butt this time. You step outside. You feel the chilly wind penetrating right through you all the way down to the bone. And you hear it. The laugh of General Winter.

That’s the reality humanity had had to deal with. Destroying whole armies and ending empires. Light up a fire, put on a fur coat, or three, and hope for the best.

But… thanks to a Swedish startup, we might just have a revolutionary secret weapon in this endless battle with the cold…


What is it?

They call it the WinterSecret Pro. A fitting name for our new secret weapon against the frost. State of the art, stylish and incredibly convenient, Napoleon would have wished to have a couple hundred thousand of these.

Never before have we had such a wonder. A stylish jacket that is both comfortable, and uses state of the art electric heating pads, powered by a USB charged battery no less, that is also machine washable! Combine that with top shelf materials to make sure this bad boy lasts you many, many winters, and the secret weapon is complete.

The WinterSecret Pro might just be a civilization game changer, and we absolutely had to get one and check if it lives up to the hype…


What makes them so special?

At first, it looks like a standard vest. Maybe a tiny bit heavier, but it’s not thicker and otherwise you feel like you’re wearing a regular wind jacket. But then you press the very convenient ON button. That’s when the magic happens.

Heating pads on the back and front begin to work and within just 3 seconds can reach their top temperatures and start making you nice and toasty.

The jacket itself also is made of remarkably nice material. It both looks great and feels great to wear, this isn’t one of those cheap wind jackets.

We were so distracted by how perfectly normal, and very nice, it looked, that we almost forgot to compile what we found amazing about it:

Battery powered heating pads strategically place for maximum heat and comfort.

Massive 10,000mAh USB rechargeable battery that can keep you nice and warm for up to 16 hours on a single charge!

Durable fabrics, water and wind resistant.

Look very nice. Stylish and thin enough to easily serve as a middle layer for say your motorcycle jacket.

Machine washable (Just remove the battery before putting the jacket to the washing machine)

3 heating levels for maximum comfort.

We actually had to send it over to our friends up north to test it as our own office is still very warm this time of year, but they have confirmed the WinterSecret Pro indeed lives up to what it claims. They ordered a half dozen of them already.


How Much do the WinterSecret Pro Cost?

So there’s a solution for our winter woes, a secret weapon to help us defeat the cold temperatures. But how much will it cost us? Will humanity be able to afford this wonder weapon? Yes, actually. The regular price of the WinterSecret Pro is a mere 134 €, which is more than fair considering the sheer quality of life it provides. But it gets better. Much better. The Swedish startup wanted to make as much noise as they could before the true winter months set in, and the global launch of the product is coming with a massive 50% discount and free international shipping! You can now get your WinterSecret Pro for just 79 .

Truly the history of the world would have been very different if the WinterSecret Pro was invented a few centuries sooner. General Winter isn’t going to know what hit him. People just walking around all snug and cozy through the rain and snows. It seems this winter is going to be very nice and warm for a change. Get the WinterSecret Pro while it’s still on sale.


But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It! These People Loved the WinterSecret Pro:

“I legit can just wear my sweater and this and walk down the street looking at all other people wearing their massive ski and fur coats. Oh if only they knew how warm and cozy I’m feeling while they’re shivering right next to me. I am even wearing it while working in the office.”

“Anyone who lives in the mountains knows that up there the cold wind penetrates your very soul. You practically can’t live without several layers of ski jackets and coats during the winter months. And oh boy were my neighbors surprised when I waltzed passed them with just this one jacket on haha.”

“I used to get pneumonia literally every year because I can’t handle the cold. I almost resigned myself to just never leave the house but I’ve been wearing this new fancy heating vest and, knock on wood, I don’t feel the chill that would keep me bedridden for weeks every year!”


Conclusion: Should You Get the WinterSecret Pro?

Seriously do you like being cold?! Absolutely Yes, 100%! The WinterSecret Pro is nothing short of revolutionary. With this one jacket you can replace an entire wardrobe and increase your quality of life so much that it would be criminal for us not to recommend it. And that’s before considering it’s on an amazing sale. Seriously, go get it now before the sale ends!


  • Easy to use. Just press one button and select heating level.
  • Heating pads spread for ideal coverage.
  • Light and thin. Can serve as a middle layer.
  • 10,000mAh battery lasts up to 16 hours.
  • Looks real nice and stylish.


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon.


How Do I Get the WinterSecret Pro?

Now that you know that you no longer have to live at the whims of nature and weather, you must really want to get one of these, so here’re the simple steps:

  1. We recommend ordering an original WinterSecret Pro from the official website here.
  2. Put it on, turn it on to max and go kick general Winter’s butt.

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